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Welcome to Unique Art by Pam!
Paint Cans

Here you will find original exquisite abstract, modern, realism and contemporary works of art, designed and created by Artist PJP Martin.

PJP images are not confined to one subject matter or design, surface or medium. Canvases are always primed and each work a series of under paintings, layered one after another, until the final image is achieved, and she is confident the expression is complete. 


PJP defines her work as an opinion to express, which was created to invoke the thoughts, emotions and impression of the viewer. Because art is subjective, she creates so the viewer can effortless engage with the art.


You can find PJP unique art painting's decorating the walls of Restaurants, Homes, Businesses, walk in Art Galleries and online Art Galleries with a global presence such as;,  ,and


You can also find PJP Art on display at many exhibits hosted by Pepco Edison Place Gallery and Art Impact USA, Inc.  Art Impact International 2016 is sponsored in part by Pepco Holdings, Inc., The DRUM Foundation, Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts and the Law Firm Vendors Association.  Art Impact USA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to nurturing humanity's spirit through art. PJP is recorded as an official Maryland Artist by the Maryland State Arts Council. 


Please take a moment and look around we have many unique paintings in the online website art gallery for you to enjoy. 

A certificate of authenticity comes with each painting. 

PJP is not only a  humanitarian, she is an advocate for the advancement of art education.  A percentage of the purchase price for each painting sold is donated to charity.  

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